About us

T-shirts Printing Press print shop presents new idea of personal, promotional, commercial, and informational print products with the best quality at the lowest prices!

We’ve done printing for years and have two major goals.

The first is customer satisfaction and the second is product quality. There are a lot of other aspects in printing, as in any other business, but those are most important for us. And we do all the best that makes our customers come back to us once and once again.

To achieve those goals we use all possible tools to provide you the best result. One of these tools is our brand new online Order Platform. The system allows you, as a customer, create your own design, place your order, and pay online, choose delivery that is best for you or pick up your order from our office.

We have thousands of pre-loaded templates and products for you to customize it for FREE! But if, by any chance, you can’t find a template that you want, you have our Design Studio, which is also FREE for you.

We offer a lot of other choices for you. Such as superior quality paper and card stock, various options of finishing your product, different kinds of apparel and souvenirs or gifts, different payment methods and deliveries. We do all to make your order in the best possible way and provide you with the best result.

There is one more point we’d like to mention. It doesn’t matter to us, either you are a corporate with a thousand dollars request or a person who orders one cap with your favorite team logo. All our customers are our friends and we are glad to make you happy. We have great discounts for huge orders from one side and minimal order quantity limits from another side.

We are always happy to answer your questions and to discuss your project in case you need it. Contact us with any question or request a quote and we’ll find the best way to make a special product for you.

Don’t waste your time and money! Join us and we’ll print all that you want!

Sincerely yours,


At T-shirts Printing Press  you’ve got experts with years of experience in printing, professional equipment and quality materials. For you that means never worrying about the quality of your order. You always have the best!